Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Latest: Button-Making and Badly-Written Bug Out Plans

a round-up of DIY 3D projects

a round-up of pumpkin recipes

I've been getting a little stressed around here lately--still so much to unpack, fall clothes to make for Will, somehow I've forgotten how to make dinner for my family every night, all my writing projects, kitting my etsy shop out for the big holiday season that I'd like to have, and, of course, lesson plans every week and a full day of schoolwork every day. Today alone I've got to make those lesson plans again for next week, unpack the homeschool closet that Matt emptied out into our bathroom so that he could build shelves for me, write a tute for CAGW, and the only thing that I actually *want* to do is make Will several pairs of flannel pants with reinforced knees.

So obviously, I'm about to go and do that first, and then just stress about the rest of it later.


Tina said...

I seem to work better under pressure, so I usually get the fun stuff done first and wait till the last minute for the "important" stuff. Course it doesn't help this procrastinator that every time I do that (at least for big college papers), I get really good grades. Can we say positive reinforcement?

I was just lamenting to the hubby that if I hadn't basically signed a contract to get my degree ('cause the VA is paying for it) and if I wasn't so close to being done I would so quit now. I forgot how much I LOVED spending time with Emma without the stress of school looming over my head.

Oh well. I will try to somehow spend that time with her and still get my degree. After all, there are people out there who manage it with full-time jobs and multiple kids.

And yeah for new shelves! If I had to wait for my hubby to get stuff like that done I'd be dust before it happens. In fact, I just set a goal for myself to replace all our crappy particle-board furniture with handmade (by me) stuff within the next 3 years. Have you seen the website Amazing projects with super simple plans. I'm totally in love with the site.

julie said...

Fortunately, Matt's way good with deciding to do a project and then just... doing it. One of my big faults is that I've always got a ton of things going on, so I leave projects half-finished or barely started forever. I've STILL got one more bookshelf from the general store to sand and varnish, for instance, and I began that project over a month ago!


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