Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dragons and Light

I know that light tables are a BIG thing with the preschool set nowadays, but my big kids also seem to find plenty of ways to play with ours. The other day, while listening to the Story of the World chapters on Ancient China, I dragged our big light table out so that they could color Asian dragons from their stained glass coloring book:

Big kids love color, too!


Tina said...

I want a light table, not for Emma but for me! They look like so much fun :0)

julie said...

You could do SO many cool artsy things with a light table! Add it to your list of must-haves when you've got just a *little* more square footage. I can't believe what a stinkin' behemouth mine is!

Tina said...

I want a bigger place so bad it makes me a little sick. We actually started looking around for a bigger place to rent this weekend (we only have a year left here, so buying would just be stupid- though I was desperate enough to consider it). The housing options here are a joke though, so instead, I'm gonna build Emma a loft bed with tons of storage that will also give her a few more square feet to play in. ( the top and two of the dresser/bookshelf supports).

Oh, and the rest of the house is going to be rearranged as well.

So glad I have another month before school starts back up!


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