Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Latest: Tape and Cardboard

I only half worked my butt off yesterday, as usual, which means I have, as usual, a ton of stuff to do today: lesson plans to write, an etsy order to create and package, a project tutorial to make and photograph, and two freelance blog posts to write. I should have seriously worked my butt off yesterday, while Matt was out running errands with the kids half the day (you should see Syd's new ballet uniform! So cute!), but I only kinda did. I did get a freelance blog post and an etsy order done, but imagine if I'd done all the blog posts, and all the etsy orders, and the lesson plans, and all I'd have to do today is sit on top of the picnic table and watch the chickens!


AND I have to stay off of Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr, because I haven't seen the newest Doctor Who yet!

OOOH! That'll be my reward!

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