Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Kids Can Upcycle

an article about NBA Green, which encourages kids to upcycle

and a round-up of upcycling projects for kids

In other news, we're again deep in the middle of fashion show season. The masking tape runway is on the living room floor, the giant chalk runway is on the basketball court, Syd and I are spending hours at rehearsals, and make-up, modeling, and dress-up play occupy much of that kid's free time. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if the mom of Syd's bestest little buddy doesn't allow her to come over here anymore if I send her home one more time wearing eyeliner. 

It's a lot of creative expression, though, and the processing of a big event--Syd's inspired, clearly, and gets a lot of enjoyment and fulfillment from the process (even if so much of the rehearsals involve so much tedious waiting around!). And my little fashion designer keeps leaving surprises like this one around for me to discover:

It's a very elegantly refashioned pony outfit, don't you agree?


Tina said...

Emma say's Sydney is the luckiest girl because she has the new Arabian foal model horse.

I think the foal looks fashionable and warm :0)

julie said...

It's funny that Emma noticed that, because Syd bought that foal on the epic shopping trip that we took to Rural King solely because Syd wanted to buy a toy horse for Emma. She solicited all our opinions multiple times, carried around her favorites while we looked at the chicks and bought Will some potting supplies, narrowed her choices down then changed her mind, wouldn't believe the math about how many horses she could afford, and finally agonized at the toy horse shelf even longer while Will and I cooled our heels, having paid long ago, on the other side of the cash register. Fortunately, her cashier seemed happy to deal with her, because by that point I was basically pretending that I didn't know her.

I don't even know which foal she finally picked for Emma, but it's on its way to her now!

Tina said...

You can let Syd know that she did a WONDERFUL job.

And yes, I feel your pain. Whenever Emma has money to spend, it's spent on a horse and we go through exactly what you describe. Every. Single. Time.

The first time was actually pretty cool because she also spent a while trying to figure out the math and how many horses she could afford depending on the combination of foals to adults. Now its just old. Thankfully she doesn't really need my help anymore.

Emma is that kid who has all the catalogs and reads through them and names all the horses and tries to decide which one she will buy with her next windfall (if it's in stock). But hey, it's her passion.


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