Friday, March 21, 2014

Small Town Famous

Even though I made Matt promise to not let me enroll the children in ANY OTHER SUMMER CAMPS this year (sleep-away camp and our big road trip seem like plenty of adventure/expenditure this summer), there are always so many cute and cool and interesting and enriching summer camps on offer--rock climbing camp! horseback riding camp! acting camp! Humane Society camp! archaeology camp! golf camp!--that I nevertheless pored through our local summer camp book that came in the newspaper a few weeks ago, exclaiming over and then having to remind myself not to book every single camp.

As I was carefully reading the entries on one page, trying to decide if maybe I could make an exception for art museum camp, I found my eyes repeatedly drawn to one particular image, and yet it took more than a minute of glancing at it, reading some more, then glancing at it again--

--before I realized, "Oh! We're IN that photo!" It must have been taken in the fall, while Matt was away at a conference. The kids were sad that he'd missed their horseback riding show, so even though I didn't feel like getting out of the house and into the car again, to cheer them up I took them to a children's event at the IU Art Museum.

I had clearly forgotten all about that trip, since I distinctly remember late this winter beating myself up about completely neglecting art history and art appreciation in the children's education. Ah, well... that at least spurred me into redemption; I scheduled what turned out to be a AMAZING field trip for my homeschool group to that very art museum a few weeks ago, and this weekend our whole family is spending the day at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (a place that I have not taken the children since, shockingly, 2009!), including watching an aerial silks show!

With an aerial silks show, make-and-take art projects, a family-friendly tour, and a quick couple of hours spent afterwards at the nearby children's museum, this trip to the art museum will be a raging success.

I may have been gritting my teeth while I wrote that last part.

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Tina said...

Before I forget, you might want to check out this Pony Express website before your trip. You might just be able to travel some of the route, or depending on the timing, see the horses arrive in St. Joseph, MO.

Cause I know you didn't have enough planned already :0)

I kinda wish Emma would do a summer camp, but even the day kind she wouldn't go for unless I was there by her side the entire time. sigh. Someday.

I am jealous of all the awesomeness that surrounds where you are. We attempted to make the trip to Missoula yesterday to do some shopping and check out some of their museums (and sign up for a library card at their library), but we got half-way there (so 1.5 hours into the 3 hour one-way trip), only to make the decision to head home. We got started way later then we wanted, the hubby wasn't feeling good, etc. So, we came home and just relaxed.

Have fun this weekend!


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