Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cake and Ice Cream and Calorie Expenditure

Last week, we celebrated the 102nd anniversary of the Girl Scouts by making cake and ice cream from scratch. The kids and I made our go-to, super easy, mix-in-the-pan chocolate sheetcake (for icing, Will took the blogger's advice to scatter chocolate chips over the warm cake, let them melt, then spread them--YUM!). The kids and Matt made ice cream in our ice cream ball--

--and then we all sat down in a circle for 20 minutes or so and rolled it back and forth to each other:

It weighs something like a medicine ball when it's filled with the ice cream ingredients, salt, and ice, and I guess rolling it around is a pretty good workout for a kid, because later, after the kids had eaten some cake and ice cream, and before I put them to bed, I found Will like this:

All tuckered out, the little lamb.

I also, because it's too chilly to climb onto my house and shout it from the rooftop, am going to tell you that I weighed myself yesterday, and after eleven months of studiously working to change the way I exercise and eat (I use a BodyMedia armband to keep track of my activity, and My Fitness Pal to keep track of my calories and nutrients), I now weigh what I weighed when I got pregnant with Syd, for the first time since that particular weigh-in. That's 35 pounds that I've lost since the middle of last April. I can also run a mile without stopping, for the first time EVER. I run the slowest mile ever, but I'm gradually ramping up my speed, and right now my slowest mile ever is almost three full minutes faster than I ran it when I accomplished my first mile run. 

Here are the other activities that I'm also working on:
  • I want to keep increasing the speed at which I run my mile. I want to run with other adult humans one day, and they're not going to want to run this slowly.
  • I'm teaching myself how to pogo using Will's stunt pogo stick. When I first began working to change the way I exercised and ate, I was heavier than the stick's maximum weight allowance. Now I'm fifteen pounds under it!
  • I'm teaching myself how to shoot a basket. Matt teases me because I only shoot granny style, and only from the free throw line, but I'm convinced that eventually my muscle memory will let me shoot flawlessly from that exact spot, and then I'll pick another spot to work on.
  • I'm working on doing a pull-up. We bought a pull-up bar for our kitchen doorway a few weeks ago, and now everybody practices on it off and on all day, every day. Will's the most dedicated, and she's improved massively!
Anybody got any other good zero-cost, zero-pressure, active challenges I could take on? 


Tina said...

Fantastic Julie! It can be so tough to stick with something like that. I am super happy for you!

Other free exercise ides- Have you checked out some of the "playground workouts" that are available on-line?

Oh, and hula hooping. You can make your own for dirt cheap and there is a proper size to make it easier. The hula hoop should reach from the ground to your chin (if I remember correctly). The smaller the hoop, the harder to hula. Again, if I remember correctly, you can burn like 100 calories a minuted for the first 10 minutes or something like that. We never had much room to hula inside, so we just stood on the bed because it was the only space big enough.

Jumping rope is another fun and easy one.

I will let you know if I think of any others!

And truly, great job :0)

julie said...

Okay, I'm totally going to check out the playground workouts. That sounds like an awesome thing to do when I'm at the park with the kids!

We've got the jump rope; now I'm going to go learn how to make hula hoops!


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