Monday, February 10, 2014

Work Plans for the Week of February 10, 2014: Project Week

It's another Project Week! The kids have been really busy lately with all sorts of projects of their own creation, from valentine crafting and rubber band bracelet weaving and clay modeling--

--to fort building and fashion design--

--and lots and lots of sewing:

My personal hopes for the week are to get some serious progress made on Syd's fashion show garment, to figure out how to use my bottle cutter, and to get started on some improvements to our chicken habitat (we need an automatic door on a timer, but for some reason I can't get the idea of a chicken yard webcam out of my head).

Right now, however, both children are hard at work on their valentines mailboxes, Syd up here with some cardboard mailers and duct tape, and Will downstairs with hammer, nails, wood, and our portable work bench. I taught her how to measure a straight line, clamp the wood to the bench, and saw through it with our hand saw, but I'm not ruling out the possibility of getting out the circular saw later.

And maybe the bench grinder?

Definitely the cordless drill.

Probably not the scroll saw, but who am I to rule out power tools?


Tina said...

Fun! I was thinking of getting Emma her own set of small tools. She loved making the nail and string hearts last week, so we might try power tools soon.

julie said...

A cordless drill is SUPER fun for a kid, and they can't do *too* much accidental bodily damage. Will isn't strong enough yet to work two of our power saws, which sucks, because sawing is the most labor intensive, tedious activity to do by hand.

I really need to get the kids a woodworking area of their own in the basement, with organized tools and a decent supply of scrap wood. I think Will, in particular, would really utilize and benefit from a set-up like that.


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