Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kid-Friendly Cooking: Healthy Banana Split

The kiddos (Syd especially) have recently been obsessed with this particular healthy recipe. It's good for breakfast or a snack, and easy enough for the kids to make for themselves:

It's a healthy banana split (and yes, that's also a plastic spoon--I've been having trouble keeping up with the dishes)!

We originally adapted it from this healthy banana split recipe, although now it feels very much our own. It consists of one banana, halved. Split it down the middle, then spoon on yogurt--we use plain Greek yogurt. Over the top, add some fresh fruit; berries are best, if you have them. Pour granola over the fresh fruit, and then add something "fun". We like drizzled maple syrup or warmed peanut butter, or sprinkled chocolate chips. I think that drizzled warm jam would also be pretty yummy, and I, personally, like coconut flakes, but the kids don't.

I don't know if the kids find this so yummy because everyone is always so hungry for nice, fresh things at this time of year, of if they find it so yummy because it's just yummy! Either way, I'll definitely be glad when I can make this recipe in the spring, and at least not have to put a second mortgage on the house to get those fresh (off-season, shipped from who-knows-where) berries.

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Tina said...

That looks really yummy! What about trying some frozen berries warmed up?


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