Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Antique Sleds and Vintage Beads

The girls do have one plastic sled, as well, and they've learned through experience that the plastic sled is much better for that very first day of snow, when it's all dry and fluffy. Give the snow another day, though, to pack down a little, and the wood and metal sled becomes an unstoppable force of gravity, careening at bullet speed past the kids on their light little sheets of plastic. 

Okay, and one time it definitely careened at bullet speed INTO a kid, and the kid cried and his mom was pissed, and fine, I apologized, but to be fair, every single other kid at the park was sledding *here* and walking back up the hill *there*, and if YOUR kid is going to insist on walking back up the hill here, where everyone is sledding, and not there, where everyone is walking, well...

My kids' sled is heavy and fast.

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