Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

We may have celebrated a day late (the mayor postponed our entire city's trick-or-treating hours because it was storming, complete with tornado watches and flood warnings, on the Big Day), but it was, nevertheless, just as wonderful a celebration as any little kids, particularly ones costumed as a witch and a cat, could want:

The girls received an absurd amount of candy from our generous neighbors (and, as is obligatory this many years in, they managed AGAIN to trick-or-treat at one house of college students who'd forgotten to buy candy. They instead received PopTarts!):

As of right now, Will has eaten all of that ridiculous amount of candy (well, her father and I helped a LOT, but she doesn't know that...), and Syd finally got sick of it last night and asked if the Switch Witch could take it. She did, and replaced the remains of the stash with some Hot Wheels, which have become VERY popular around here of late.

(Nota bene: I told the kids about the Switch Witch as a joke, as we were driving home from Will's ice skating class on Halloween, the kids absolutely vibrating with excitement as they could already see costumed children on the streets. I was SHOCKED when Syd requested it last night, and even more shocked when she said that she might want to do the Switch Witch on Halloween night next year! If she does do that, I must remember to have a larger present than four Hot Wheels cars on hand...)

So we are now, officially, once again candy-free! I'm pretty thrilled, since the weeks of Halloween festivities were not kind to my healthy eating plans (I'm 30 lbs down from April, if you don't count the last two weeks, which I don't), and now I can get my head back in the game...

...at least until Thanksgiving.


Tina said...

Great job on the healthy eating!

We, thankfully, didn't get much for candy. We ate it all for breakfast the next morning. And felt like crap all day.

I think next year I am going to see if I can convince one of the neighborhoods on base to hand out non-candy and then just trick-or-treat there.

I loved this take on the candy switch-a-roo.


julie said...

I LOVE non-candy houses! We used to be a non-candy house until this year, when at the kids' request, we gave out a candy option and a non-candy option (glow sticks!).


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