Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Latest over a Crafting a Green World: Clothing Rehab

Everybody has a large wardrobe right now, in various stages of (dis)repair, and because I'd rather spend our budget on something OTHER than new clothes (a late-winter weekend at an indoor water park, perhaps?), I've been doing a LOT of clothing rehab lately--lengthening, mending, dyeing, embellishing, refashioning, etc.

Just today, on the sewing table, I have two pairs of pants that need to have their basted cuffs removed (little girls insist on growing up!), one pair of pants that needs to have a seat seam re-sewn, one shirt that needs to have a ripped-off tie mended, two pairs of silk long johns that need to be re-dyed, and two pairs of pants that need to be lengthened with some stash fabric.

But when my cotton fabric dye arrives in the mail next week, that's when the party is REALLY going to start!

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