Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Latest over at CAGW: Seed Starting and Dish Refurbishing

a round-up of food scrap containers good for seed starting (think eggshells and orange peels)

We first started doing this with some medium-sized thrifted white plates, because the girls' appetites had outgrown their IKEA lunch plates and the Fiestaware that I collect as our family dishes doesn't make a good "medium-sized kid lunch plate" size. 

However, I've been LOVING how these turn out, and the ease of collecting cheap-o white dishes second-hand, combined with the difficulty of collecting Fiestaware at discount prices (people even inflate the price of Fiestaware at GARAGE SALES here!!!), has made me think that perhaps I should start collecting/embellishing these white dishes as our regular stock, and set the Fiestaware aside for the most part.

Except for coffee mugs. You'll pry my giant Fiestaware coffee mug out of my cold, dead, rigor mortised hands.

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