Friday, September 28, 2012

Horrible Histories in Song

I'm obsessed with Horrible Histories. Have you heard of it? It's a BBC show based on the book series, and it's unavailable in the US except as digital downloads (Remember my long-term gripe that stores never sell what I want to buy? I want to buy a Horrible Histories DVD set!), but clips from the shows are pretty widely available on YouTube, where I swear, the girls and I watch them by the hour. I've actually gotten into the habit of hopping on the treadmill when we start watching them--I can't set the speed very high or you can't hear the videos, but I can set the incline VERY high and so still get a good work-out in.

The nice thing about just having the clips, I suppose, is that I can show only the clip that relates to a specific topic, and I can put them in my various homeschool pinboards, and I can put some of my favorites in chronological order for you below:


Teresa Robeson said...

I heard of this on some of the homeschooling e-lists I'm on but have never seen it. We have satellite internet that puts limits on our bandwidth and according to them we're constantly going over so we've given up trying to watch YouTube at home.

julie said...

I have another friend who also lives outside of town, and also can't get any good internet because of her bandwidth limits, and I swear, I think that is the ONE thing that would deter me from living in the country. I HAVE to have my internet!

Put it on your list to watch the next time you visit the library; I have the feeling that you'll REALLY like it.


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