Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Latest over at CAGW: Re-sized Sheets and Painted Toys

This latter, especially, was such a rewarding project. I can't tell you the immensity of pleasure that I get from watching my children so completely immersed in a project:

We've got a couple of unusual colors of liquid watercolors--silver and gold, which get their sparkle from rheoscopic concentrate, it appears, and white. The silver and gold didn't work on the wood, because the rheoscopic concentrate wouldn't saturate, but the white worked great, and the kiddos really loved discovering the effect that a white overpainting would have on another color:

After the wood was painted and left to dry, Syd transition to some conventional watercolor painting, and also some "puppy pawprint" painting/fingerpainting:

And then there was reading, the listening to of audiobooks, more painting of a mural in our hallway, some cooking, some Zoo Tycoon, some block building, some toy pony play...and goodness, that was our day!

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