Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend WIPs

an eighth birthday pirate party

writing about Waldorf doll clothing for CAGW (stay tuned!)

some doll portrait photography

mom gossip

a VERY naughty six-year-old (growth spurt? We can only hope...)

buying thread, and sewing needles, and 18 feet of ribbon

then buying Sharpies, and index cards, and erasers (I LOVE back-to-school sales!)

the last kid cashing in her summer reading form and collecting her prize (a book, of course!)

WAY too much brownie cake consumed

fixed the only outlet in the house that won't short-circuit the treadmill!

swimsuits washed and dried, ready for a new set of lessons

and, of course--

--a brand-new bunting WIP

because what would life be without an in-progress bunting on the sewing table?

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