Friday, October 22, 2010

A Picture of Me in the Nude

ME: What a wonderful picture, Sydney! Will you tell me about it?

SYDNEY: It's a picture of you, Momma, and you have none of your clothes on:

And also, I suspect that those aren't my arms...


melanie said...

When I was 3 years old or so, I drew a picture on scrap paper in ink pen of my mom with my little sister in her belly (mom was pregnant at the time). My mom has two pupils in one eye. TWO PUPILS. It may be the most hideous piece of artwork I have ever created. My mom LOVES it. She cries every time she comes across it.

PS It's not your non-arms I am wary about in that picture... ;)

julie said...

Two pupils?!? That's messed up, man. At least my kid knows where all the body parts go, labia and all.

It could have been worse, though, because my kid knows what all the parts are. ALL the parts...


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