Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Fourth Photo

Here is the fourth photo in the fourth folder in the Photos folder on my computer:It's a photo of Willow's tricycle on one of those playground mornings that you might only have if you live really close to a playground and go there every day, even if the weather's cold or lousy out--one of those mornings when you're the only ones there, and your kid turns to you and says, "Nobody's visiting my playground today."

This is the tricycle that was Willow's special present after she toilet-trained herself at around two-and-a-half, the tricycle that was stolen out of our yard one morning while we were at the library for storytime, along with a green ride-in car and a brand-new-to-us toy wheelbarrow.

I still miss that tricycle.

Thanks, cake!

Here are some examples of how other bloggers have responded to the Fourth Photo, Fourth Folder project:
P.S. I have a new obsession. Check out my post about crafty podcasts over at Crafting a Green World.


Tara said...

Great picture! Funny how many of the folks' blogs you listed, including mine, broke the rules. :) We're such non-conformists. :) Have a great day! Thanks for the link!

cake said...

you make bryan park-- that spot, on that playground-- look strange, foreign and compelling. your photography makes me LOOK!

i can't believe someone stole those toys from your yard! well, i guess i do believe it, because we had a little toddler slide stolen from our yard, and it just shocked me. who does that?


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