Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Look at Me and How Awesomely Famous I Am!

Y'all know how I am so cutting edge in the eco revolution, right? So I often watch Zaproot, which hosts these little news-show clips of breaking news on the enviromental front--they're nice because they usually report positive environmental acts or encourage people in concrete positive environmental acts they themselves can take, etc.--I'm really not so much into downer news because then I feel all bummed and powerless, so I like their method. Matt hates all their quick cuts, by the way, but I'm all, "Dear, it's supposed to be edgy. That's what kids like these days."

Well, imagine my surprise while watching the latest Zaproot to see...well, me!

Keep an eye out at around 51 seconds into the video, and you'll see a screenshot of my Crafting a Green World post about writing my reps to protest the CPSIA:

Ah, fame. I have become so powerful that my mere image can now be used as shorthand for what I represent.


Teresa R said...

Hah...so it is on there! Kewl!

julie said...

I know, right? Of course, it would be more meaningful if they included a link or something so that my post actually got some hits and earned me some money from the shout-out, but hey, you can't have everything...

Abby said...

that IS cool.

now you will never be able to leave your home again. At least not without a disguise.

cake said...

i can't believe that you SAW it! that you watch that, and then you happen to catch it! serendipitous, if you ask me.


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