Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Heart Obama

I just can't get enough of the Obama love--I've been all amped up for this inauguration since the election, and all amped up for the election since the primaries, and I'm so used to the anticipation that, except for a couple of moments in the car (moments in the car are occasionally peaceful, unlike the rest of my life) when I felt such relief at having a sane, intelligent, and compassionate person finally in charge around here, I've been a little twitchy today.

Is that, perhaps, why I've spent the past half hour not grading papers, nor working up tomorrow's lesson plans, nor emailing some very boring emails, but creating a bunch of Obamicons? Um...yeah.

The girls spent the morning out on one last adventure with their grandparents, but they arrived back home in time to witness one small moment in history with me:
Thank goodness for autofocus, because Momma was crying too much for manual.

P.S. Check out my post for other fun DIY Obama stuff over at Crafting a Green World.


Abby said...

I Heart Obama too. I've cried about 10 times today. I say screw working today...it's a national holiday as far as I'm concerned.

Betsy said...

love love love that shot!! I was trying to get Jack and Anna to hold hands but no go. Still, I am so happy to have that picture. It means the world to me that my kids won't remember a time before Obama. It's a wonderful gift that we have given ourselves!!

cake said...

those obamicons rock! i think "sisters" is my favorite.

right there with you on the crying, not working...
i was babysitting a little one, for a friend of mine. he arrived just before the swearing in, and wasn't too happy that his mama had left. i kept pulling him over to the tv, saying stuff like, "i know honey, but i just wanna witness this important moment in history..." he wasn't buying it. oh well, thank god for c-span, i got to watch the whole thing, including the very moving poem and the awesome benediction,later that night. uninterrupted. then i had my big cry.
what did the grand parents think?

Anonymous said...

Cake's right: your Obamicons rock! I was at the library with the boys (watched it on the tv they'd set up) and didn't want to cry in public. :}

julie said...

I have a friend who was all, "Oh, I think we were on the way to school during the inauguration--we missed it somehow," and I was all, "What's wrong with you? Your heart is dead!"

I guess it's enough, though, just to know that goodness is in charge around here.


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