Thursday, May 1, 2008

Digital Scrappy Scrapper

I won't even go into the huge amount of time I spent today working with felted wool and thinking about felted wool--I'm still working on the stuffed creature for my Craftster swap and I discovered that I can use some of the girls' cookie cutters to make templates for my flower pins and I started, with Sydney on my lap, a cover for her scrapbook and I'm contemplating including felt food into my craft fair next month--but I still had time to do yardwork with the girls and go to the gym and think about this magazine article I'm researching and listen to the girls fight in the car:

Willow: You're having ice cream cake for your birthday, aren't you, Sydney?

Sydney: Tookie take!

Willow: No! Ice cream cake!

Sydney: Tookie take!

Willow: I'm going to tell you what to have! Ice cream cake!

Sydney: Toooookie taaaaaake!


It's a little fancier than my usual work, but while watching The Office tonight, I created a digital scrapbooking page:

I downloaded a ton of free digital scrapbooking kits from Shabby Princess--each one has a theme, and has alphabet, patterned paper, embellishments, etc., and you can insert them as images into your graphic design program. They're a lot of megs each, but after I download each one, I tend to go through them and delete out the stuff I won't ever use. I have yet to print this page out, mind you, so I don't exactly know how awesome it will look, but I will still have to include some actual elements on my page, since I make my books at 12x12, and this digital page, like my printer, is 8.5x11 (when my Epson craps out, I'm going to spend all my money on a wide-format printer like .

So far digital scrapbooking seems pretty nice, though. I'm pleased with the lack of actual stuff it involves, since to me that implies less consumerism, and I often like to make duplicates of pages, for instance if I make a page for one of the girls that includes a good friend or a teacher, and this would help with that. I don't know, it too cute? I don't really approve of cute.

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