Monday, March 24, 2008

Want! Want! Want!

I like to troll the Web shops of DIY crafters: whether they work with recycled materials or not, their work can sometimes inspire my own. The obvious result of this, of course, is that I find a LOT of stuff that I want:

Kunklebaby sews kids' stuff with really terrific, modern fabrics. I like the look of her simple forms with unexpected prints, especially the cutie little pinafores--this one is the one I want for the girls, and a matching one for myself. Fabric choice is really important, I think--it makes classic styles look fresh and original with the right pairing, and fabric choice could make the same item type desireable to a wide variety of people.

Beautiful Era is a sort of Victorian/Goth collage art, mostly jewelry stuff and ornaments. I absolutely want this kittycat brooch. The artist's work is really unusual, particularly in the plethora of ribbons and luxurious textures, and probably also really expressive of the artist's own aesthetic, but it's also really just universally beautiful.

I'm a big dork at heart, and I really love kittycats, and I really want this knitted kittycat hat that The Crafty Beaver makes. I'm very slowly, slowly learning to knit just so I can make awesome stuff like that--that and socks.

I'm really not a jewelry person, although you perhaps wouldn't know that based on how much I talk about it here. I have a few pieces that I wear: the non-sustainably-harvested coral bracelet and necklace set I bought in Hawaii on my honeymoon, the two garage sale bracelets with either green beads or purple beads, the orange and grey vinyl wrist cuff I bought at the Renegade Fair, the necklace with an image of a nursing mother that I bought on etsy, the big yellow beads Papa bought Mama in Italy during the war and that I later strung on fishing line, the soldered glass pendant I made of the postage stamp with my girls on it, and sometimes a dinosaur glass pendant that I made. The tiny silver hoop earring left over from my uber-butch undergrad days is a given. I've been more interested in jewelry lately, however, since Sydney is (mostly) big enough not to grab at necklaces while she nurses, and I pretty much love Charming Darling's line of vintage charm bracelets. I would wear any of these, although the crazy cat lady one is my clear favorite. And I'd totally put the girls in the Cracker Jack one. I like things that you can personalize, and I like little vintage tchotchkes. If I had a shop, I'd include lots of bins of awesome little vintage findings--typewriter keys, dolls, game pieces, ets.

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