Monday, March 31, 2008

Fabric Findings

Although I work primarily from recycled materials, I do sometimes like to pad out my pieced quilt tops with new fabric--it's especially useful when I'm working a quilt to a theme, such as Batman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I'm having trouble finding enough T-shirts to piece an entire top, but it's also valuable in expanding or highlighting a theme, for instance with the dinosaur T-shirt quilt that I'm making the girls, which will consist of large dinosaur T-shirt squares surrounded by frames made of a large variety of printed dinosaur fabric (I hope). To date, I buy fabric almost exclusively from the local Joann's store, but I've got several online fabric store crushes: has the best thematic collections: dinosaurs is obviously my favorite (particularly this one--awesome!), but they also have space/monsters, and lots of penguins and monkeys and dolphins and robots all mixed into the other categories.'s dinosaur selection is a little more cutesy, but they still have a good selection of "realistic"-looking prints. This one's pretty funky, and I like these big ones, but Willow would quibble that meat-eating and plant-eating dinosaurs never walked around that close together!

This Japanese dino print from one of my favorite etsy shops, sweetflavor, is my favorite of all, I think. The dinosaurs are iconic but also really kid-like.

I've been thinking I could make my Fatty Stegosauruses a little more high-end and pretty eco-friendly by upgrading the batting to something organic or greener. So far I like the idea of this fiberfill from Mountain Mist--it's made out of...corn?

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Heather said...

I think it's so great that you are crafting for your girls:) I am searching constantly for an organic quilting fabric with a dinosaur print. So far, I've only found one(ArgIngton) BORING print that will definitely be less than thrilling to my 3yr old Dino fan. :( very discouraging. Please post if you come across anything better. Thanks!


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